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The diverse applications of MAPping are surprising. Clients describe that they can manage, monitor and even measure their progress toward reaching their goals, "We are winning more often and are more predictably securing important contracts but that is just a part of the effects of this process."

MAPping is in part about significantly improving the role of the sales person across the organization, but just as often the MAPping project is used to upgrade the effectiveness of our entire organization. Making better decisions internally and effecting more decisions externally are also a significant result of delivering this tool. This is a map - a collection of the best thinking and the abilities which empower an organization to manage the process.

Here are some examples:

"The idea is that if you think more deeply about what we want our stakeholders to decide, we get them to decide what we want ... and this is not just about the team, we have everbody taking part."

"MAPping is an original idea... it is unique to our industry and simply stated, it taught our people to think... it makes strategic thinking available to the entire organization."

................ Chairman

"Mapping focuses our strategic planning process and allows us to translate strategy into effective business development activities. It is the core of our strategy thought process."

................ V.P., Business Development

"Our reputation is we are technically arrogant. We know how to manage existing programs but not win new ones. Our people are technically excellent but do not have the DNA to work the early stages of our customers' process, which is clearly necessary to win the next generation of programs. With mapping our people take strategy responsibility for the complete business cycle, and they expect to be asked to brief management using the map."

................ Sr. V.P., Strategy & Planning