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effectiveness of mapping win rate

Intimate knowledge of the "Customer's process" allows teams to strategize when and how to engage. They know how to achieve early involvement to shape concepts and even influence policy. MAPping gives our clients the option to grow their business by increasing win rate and share… not relying on acquisitions alone to grow volume.

We have documented several instances of clients growing from a win rate of 17% to 86% and maintaining that rate –– becoming the market leader.

The process has to be learned and accepted to have these results. We understand every organization has its own unique qualities and habits. Therefore, the introduction and the use of MAPping has to be designed and carefully tailored to fit the culture of our clients. By working as a team with our clients, this approach to installation has been consistently successful… at a minimum, doubling business-development effectiveness… even across international cultures.

MAPping empowers teams. They are making news, not just reading about it. They affect policies at strategic levels… quickly and quietly… and are able to leverage the expertise and diverse strengths of their organization.